The Prairie Advantage – Preventative Maintenance Agreements


The PrairieAdvantage is a preventative maintenance program exclusive to Prairie Mobile Communications.  Preventative Maintenance programs have many “advantages” that your organization can greatly benefit from.

The advantages of implementing a proper Preventative Maintenance Plan cannot be overstated. Here are 4 powerful reasons to make Preventative Maintenance a priority for your wireless communications equipment. While some benefits are immediate, others prevent future problems from developing:

  1. Catch Issues Before They Become Problems: routine equipment inspection and maintenance will ensure that small issues are caught and corrected before they become large-scale, costly problems.
  2. Prolong Equipment Life: equipment simply functions best when it is regularly serviced and cleaned. By regularly maintaining equipment you can increase its longevity. With a preventative maintenance plan, you can be confident that your equipment will continue to perform as designed.
  3. Predictable Maintenance Costs: nobody likes surprises, especially financial ones. With a Preventative Maintenance Plan in place, equipment is regularly checked and serviced, which means costly downtime can be avoided.
  4. Better Replacement Planning: with a preventative maintenance plan in place, you can determine when equipment (or components) is near end of life, which will allow you to budget and prepare for upgrades or replacements.

Please contact us today to inquire about how a preventative maintenance agreement can benefit your business.

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