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Receive Radio Alert from Video Surveillance: How to receive reliable alerts of security breaches.

Video surveillance is a necessity of pretty much all businesses that value security and safety. Having a reliable video surveillance system that provides all the security and monitoring functionalities specific to a business’s need is what makes this investment worthwhile. One such functionality is keeping the stakeholders informed of unusual activity.

A surveillance system that passively records cannot inform anyone of a breach or an event. Managers at complex facilities require their video surveillance systems to keep them informed of such breaches and events. It is not enough to just record an environment through video surveillance.

The ability to deter threats, monitor security breaches, address safety issues, and observe any patterns to help improve a business’s processes are just a few of the functions expected from the modern surveillance systems.

The more advance video surveillance systems can send out alerts of events to mobile devices, through apps installed on cell phones or tablets. While this a great way to keep an eye on any surveillance related event, in businesses and facilities with cell phone coverage issues such as dead areas and rugged rough environments, mobile phone and tablets are clunky and unreliable.

In environments like manufacturing, mining, construction, industrial transport, or any challenging environment, android type devices have not proven to be suitable and dependable.

In such environments the sturdiness of radios married to the functionality of android devices is what is needed.

Motorola Solutions’ Ion and R7 radios are just that: sturdy, rugged radios with high IP rating that receive alerts, and in the case of ION, they receive the video from the surveillance cameras.

A complete monitoring and alert system where the hardware and software are custom built to work together is Motorola Solution’s Avigilon camera systems with R7 and Ion radios.

This end-to-end solution provides high resolution range of monitoring cameras, analytics, license plate recognition, customisable software and programable alert of events that can be sent to the chosen radios.

This complete surveillance-alert solution is ideal for facility managers, security personnel and IT teams as it eliminates the compatibility issues of different hardware and software, while providing a state-of-the-art surveillance system, complete with reliable alerts dispatched to the key stakeholders.

Prairie Mobile has been a radio solution provider to all its clients for 55 years and understands the needs of businesses that need to get the most out of their video surveillance and radio systems.

Let us help you navigate these technologies to keep your businesses safe.