Network & Tower Monitoring


Managed services have become an important aspect of business needs. Allow us to worry about the problems associated with your network, while you can focus on the business! Prairie Mobile Communications has a wide range of internal expertise to be your one stop communications network managed service provider. If you have an existing communications network and need a provider to monitor, manage and troubleshoot your problems or whether you want to build a monitored network, Prairie Mobile Communications is here to help. We can manage and monitor a wide range of equipment, we have monitored equipment from communication systems located at remote tower sites, to radio systems located on premise in various industries including manufacturing, school divisions and public safety agencies.

Our services:

  • System design / Engineering
  • Project Management Services
  • Outdoor radio coverage
  • Indoor cellphone and/or radio coverage
  • RF interference analysis
  • Filtering design
  • Antenna / transmission line verification.
  • Microwave links (Point to Point and/or Point to Multipoint) licensed and unlicensed
  • Statements of Work for our stakeholders
  • Scope of Work to our operational team and/or other contractors
  • Bill of Materials
  • Site acceptance testing (SAT)
  • Factory Acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Two-way radio migration plans
  • Cutover plans

Radio licensing and Regulatory Services:

  • Regulatory / compliance services such as radio license applications (ISED).
  • Transport / Nav Canada permits for the installation of communication towers.
  • Request for approval from the cellphone carriers for the installation of commercial and industrial cellphone boosters.
  • Request for approval for the installation and commissioning of Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and active components (BDA).





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