Microwave, Point to Point and/or Point to Multi-Point Networks


In-house we provide RF Path Analysis using the latest engineering tools. Our deployments are primarily using Cambium and Ubiquity products.

Our deployments are using licensed links and unlicensed spectrum to suit our customers’ needs and requirements.

Figure 3 -Typical Microwave Architecture

There applications are widely used in private enterprise, public safety, scada and by wireless internet service providers.

Our technical expertise:

  • Two-way radio systems, whether these are conventional, digital, trunking, simulcast, P25, primarily Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and Harris.
  • Public Safety Consoles such as Avtec & TrboNet.
  • Power backup system designs for telecom sites
  • Lightning suppression system designs based on Motorola R56.
  • SCADA in UHF, VHF, 900Mhz & Microwave
  • Indoor / Outdoor WiFi commercial grade systems
  • In-building cellphone coverage (commercial / industrial grade)
  • Telecom system optimization

Figure 2 – Coverage analysis prediction in 800Mhz

Our partners:

  • Motorola
  • Avtec
  • Zetron
  • Kenwood
  • Tait
  • Icom
  • Harris
  • Comprod
  • Sinclair
  • Gap Wireless
  • Crossover
  • KPGCo
  • Cambium
  • Ubiquity
  • Cradlepoint
  • PCTel

As a trusted advisor to our customers, our engineering team provides agnostic recommendations that are aimed toward meeting our customer’s requirements when is time to replace “end-of-life” equipment or when it is time to roll out a brand-new solution while being budget sensitive.





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