In-Shop & On-Site Installation Services


Vehicle Installations

Our service centers can handle a wide variety of installations into vehicles. Whether it be your personal, or a commercial fleet vehicle we are equipped with the expertise to ensure an efficient and professional job. Our service bays can handle fleet sizes ranging from cars, up to transport trucks and school buses. We also offer a mobile installation service, where our technicians will come with a company vehicle, and perform the installations at your location.

The hardware we install includes but is not limited to two-way radios, GPS trackers, in-vehicle routers/modems, cell-phone boosters, cameras, and docking stations.  Please reach out to us if you have other types of hardware you want installed into your vehicles, equipment or machinery.

Structured Cabling (Building Installations)

Our technicians are equipped to perform installations of equipment into your buildings.  We install the equipment we sell, as well as customer supplied equipment.

Our experience ranges from a variety of structures including tower shacks, grain terminals, water towers, office buildings, stadiums/ arena’s, and other commercial buildings. We are an end-to-end installation provider, from pulling the cable to installing the connectors and equipment, we have the experience and capability.

We install repeaters, base-stations, cell-phone boosters/BDA’s, in-building distributed antenna solutions, dispatch consoles and everything in between.

Please contact us today to inquire more about how our service team can help with your cabling project.





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